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Strategic partnership"

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The National Bank for Foregn Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Was established in 1991 by the decree of the country’s President Mr, I.Karimov.

In its mission, the bank issues the challenges of creating a financial institution capable of carrying out foreign trade operations for local companies in line with international standards, to assist the process of upgrading the country's export potential, to attract and involve foreign investments and cutting edge technologies into the Uzbek economy. As it stands in reality today the NBU is a “flagship” of the banking system of the country in international finance markets. Based on inherent well-balanced policies, the Bank has managed to implement effective mechanisms of management and strategy for growth. It has enabled it to gain confidence in it’s dynamic development having advanced in building its  reputation as a professional financial institution and a reliable partner for its clients.

At the beginning of 1993, according to the continious ratings published by the magazine “The Banker” the National Bank is in a prestigeous top thousand of the largest banking instutions in the world and is currently ranked 675th.


State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank  ‘Asaka’ (Joint Stock Company)

Was established in November 1995. Its shareholders are: The Ministry of Finance of the Repablic of Uzbekistan, which is a stock holder of 60,97% of the shares, Join-Stock Company “O'zavtosanoat” in the form of Open Joint Stock Company owns 14.58% of shares and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the Repablic of Uzbekistan - 14.56% of the shares. 

It is the 2nd commercial bank in the Republic in terms of capital assets and financial holdings. At a regional level its network consists of 26 branches and 107 cash points throughout the republic of Uzbekistan. It positions itself in the market as a large all-purpose financial credit institution  providing a broad spectrum of traditional and modern banking services.

It was repeatedly rated as “The best bank of the year in Uzbekistan” by prominent foreign publishers «Euromoney», «Global Finance», «The Banker».


The National Export & Import Insurance Company “Uzbekinvest” 

In April 1994 the Cabinet of Ministers issued a resolution to establish the National Insurance Company “Uzbekinvest”. Since February 1997 the company was reorganized into the National Export and Import Insurance Company "Uzbekinvest" by assigning the status of an official insurance agency of the government for insurance of exports and investments

It operates in the market in the general insurance sector and provides insurance services including all 17 insurance class types in accordance with the classification of an insurance business.

“Uzbekinvest” is the leading record breaking insurance company in the market which during the last few years continues to occupy the top position in the rating amongst insurance companies in the amount of collected insurance premiums.

From 2004 “Uzbekinvest” is the first company in the Uzbek market of financial services which received the confirmation of compliance of its quality system with international standard ISO 9001:2008.

NEIIC “Uzbekinvest” is the first and only company among the insurance companies of Uzbekistan to receive a B1 “Stable outlook” international rating from Moody’s Investors Services Ltd. Agency (the United Kingdom) for financial stability.


"TOSHKENT MEXANIKA ZAVODI" Joint stock company 

"TOSHKENT MEXANIKA ZAVODI" Joint stock company is the legal successor of The state joint-stock company Tashkent Aviation Prodaction Association named after V.P. Chkalov.  According to the resolution of the President of Repablic of Uzbekistan dated 04.04.2012 and to the decision of the General meeting of shareholders of The Chkalov Aviation Production Association dated 27.12.2013 the company was renamed to "TOSHKENT MEXANIKA ZAVODI" Joint stock company, though, the lagal addres and settlement details remaind without change.

The company has been and remains the only manufacturer of various modifications of the world-famous wide-body Il-76 airplanes. Ever since the Il-76 was first put into service 35 years ago, the plane has been constantly modified, and many different versions of this aircraft have been created, each with its own purpose: early-warning aircraft, tanker aircraft, air search and rescue complex, firefighting aircraft, an air hospital, a simulator for astronauts and a series of military transportation and civilian airplane versions.  About 1,000 of these flying machines are currently in service, transporting freight on every continent on earth.


"Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat" State Company

On Oct. the 1st, 1991, the government of Uzbekistan made a decision to create the state-owned group of companies known as Kyzylkumredmetzoloto, which was formed on the basis of the state-owned enterprise the Navoi Mining & Metallurgy Combinat. Kyzylkumredmetzoloto includes construction, installation, setup, design and research organizations.

The NMMC is a diversified company, with a well-developed industrial and social infrastructure and impressive technological and human potential (the company employs about 60,000 people).  The NMMC is increasing its production of gold and uranium, both at existing facilities and by building new plants.  The reconstruction of Hydrometallurgical Plant #2 will bring the total amount of gold processed up to 26 million tons per year.  That number will increase still further when Hydrometallurgical Plant #3 is built. In addition, by putting the construction division into operation first and then the phosphorite plant, the company is playing a successful part in the Government’s Program to create Uzbekistan’s own fertilizer-mining and production industry for agricultural use, intended for both domestic consumption as well as export.

NMMC’s highly effective production meets international standards, and the quality of its products often exceeds them.  For example, the gold they produce is guaranteed to be 99.99% pure.  The gold bullions produced by NMMC have been awarded the status of “Good Delivery Gold” by the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) Arbitration Laboratory. This means that in the LBMA the trademark of the Republic of Uzbekistan is registered on the gold bullions produced by NMMC and the quality control laboratory at NMMC’s Hydrometallurgical Plant #2 has successfully undergone an expert inspection of its technical competence by the LBMA Arbitration Laboratory in London.