Азия Инвест Банк"Russia-Uzbekistan.
Strategic partnership"

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International cooperation

Asia-Invest Bank (JSC) is the financial agent of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the territory of the Russian Federation to provide export/import turnover, protect economic interests of trade partners of both countries, including the reliability of settlements in foreign trade operations.

Asia-Invest Bank (JSC):

  • attracts new customers engaged in the export/import to/from the Republic of Uzbekistan with the assistance "Fund of support of exports of small businesses and private entrepreneurship of the Republic of Uzbekistan";
  • delivers high speed and reliability of direct international payments and payments due to a wide correspondent network of banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • consults participants of the uzbek-russian trade for regulatory affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign economic activities through practice of cooperation over the years with banks and business of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • On the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s visit to the Russian Federation on 4-5 April 2017 was signed bilateral agreements and memoranda in all fields, providing in the shortest time to significantly expand economic cooperation and increase the volume of trade turnover to five billion dollars.
  • A result of the diversification and expansion of a partnership between the two countries was the opening of trade houses in the Russian Federation on activities: agricultural products, textiles, fiber, yarn, chemical industry, car manufacturing, light industry, transport and communications.
  • Asia-invest Bank provides a broad range of banking services: cash and settlement services, corporate lending, trade financing, documentary operations, foreign exchange operations, bank guarantees, deposits, operations with promissory notes.
  • Cooperation of Russian companies with Asia-invest Bank (JSC) allows to conduct business with companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan within bank, optimising direct and indirect costs, reducing foreign exchange and operational risks.