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Strategic partnership"

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Russian-Uzbek foreign trade

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan is continuing to develop its full cooperation in the spirit of strategic partnership and alliance. It is noted the dynamic development and continually strengthening relations between the two countries in many areas, including in the trade-economic sphere.

As a result of the meetings and talks planning implementation of new investment projects that cover such spheres as mechanical machine engineering, metallurgy, textile industry, pharmaceuticals and manufacture of modern medical equipment, processing of agricultural products. Other new programs and agreements are in the process of being implemented in the field of education and health. The Russian Federation holds stable leading position of one of the largest foreign trade partners of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

By the end of 2016 trade turnover totaled $ 4 237.5 million including with exports amounting to $ 1 842.4 million. (+1.2%), with imports amounting to $ 2 395.1 million (-9.1%) in comparison to 2015.

(Millions of US dollars)





Trade turnover

4 455.8

4 237.5


1 821.1

1 842.4


2 634.7

2 395.1


Key exported products: natural gas (26.6%), textile products (24.7%), transportation services (21.1%), fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products (8%), chemical products (3.1%), zinc (1.5%).

Major import items: ferrous and nonferrous metals (17.0%), wood (15.2%), oil and petroleum products (14.6%), mechanical and electrical equipment (13.1%), food products (10.1%), chemical products (3.6%), paper products (3.3%), pharmacy products (3%), the transport vehicles (2.6%), plastic (2.4%), perfume (1.3%), services (5%).

And in the first seven months of 2017, trade turnover between Uzbekistan and Russia increased by 14% and exceeded 2.6 billion dollars. From July 2017, took effect "Zeleniy Koridor" (trans. green corridor) supplying of vegetable and berry products to the Russian market. In 2017 more than one million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and broad range of products will be supplied to the Russian market. Experts forecast by the end of the current year trade turnover between the countries will hit $ 5 billion.






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