• Concessional lending
  • Lending on general terms
(RU) “Малый и средний бизнес”

(RU) Кредтование субъектов МСП


(RU) Ставка - от 15%


(RU) Срок - до 18 месяцев


(RU) Сумма - до 10 млн.

(RU) Программа г. Москвы

(RU) Кредит предоставляется под поручительство Фонда содействия кредитованию малого бизнеса Москвы


(RU) Ставка - от 15%


(RU) Срок рассматривается индивидуально


(RU) Сумма - от 5 млн.

  • Loan currency - loans are provided in rubles or US dollars
  • Terms of loans - loans are provided mainly for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
  • Interest rates - interest rates on loans are set depending on the currency of the loan, the amount and term of the loan, the proposed security, taking into account the level of risk associated with lending, as well as based on the financial market conditions.
Types of lending
  • A loan
  • Credit line with a disbursement limit
  • Credit line with debt limit
Loan security

-Bank guarantees of reliable, stable banks;

-Bank guarantees of banks-shareholders of the Bank;

- Pledge of liquid property (real estate, inventory items, motor vehicles, equipment), which is free from other obligations;

- Pledge of the Bank's own bills;

-Guarantees of legal entities with a stable financial condition;

-Guarantees of individuals (founders, heads of borrowing companies), as additional security for loans received by legal entities, as well as for loans received by individuals (loans for urgent needs, mortgage loans);

- Pledge of property rights (claims) for proceeds received under export contracts of borrowers who supply goods to the Republic of Uzbekistan, subject to the opening of a letter of credit, or the issuance by banks of the Republic of Uzbekistan of a guarantee of the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the buyer to pay for goods, works, services;

- Pledge of the right to demand the return of funds placed in deposits;

- Pledge of highly liquid securities that are in steady demand and have a stable dynamics of quotations in the securities market;

- Other types of security that do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation

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