Address for receiving correspondence

119180,2nd Kazachiy per., bld. 1, Moscow

Business hours

Mon-Fri from 09-00 to 18-00, lunch break from 13-00 to 14-00

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On personnel issues
Lisina Elena Vitalievna
Head of Human Resources Department

Department of Development and Project

For cooperation and interaction with clients and partners;
Consulting business in terms of export-import operations with the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Expansion of the participants and partners of the "AsiaExpress" money transfer system, integration with payment systems, banks.
General control of information published on the Bank's website

Department of currency operations and currency control

Головина Юлия Алексеевна

Коба Татьяна Игоревна

Короткая Анна Сергеевна

Head of Department - Vetrova Anastasia Aleksandrovna (ext. 131)

Chief Specialist - Kryuchkova Olesya Petrovna (ext. 182)

OPERU customer service

Начальник отдела по работе с клиентами - Абдулхаирова Сурайе Зокировна доб. 119

Заместитель Начальника отдела - Брайчук Алёна Ярославовна

Султанова Алёна Вахабовна

Дударева Надежда Вячеславовна

On the implementation of money transfers Asia Express;
Department of International Settlements and Payment Systems

On issues of interbank cooperation and correspondent relations

Specialist - Adkhamov Khabibullo Mahamad ugli

Credit department

For lending to legal entities / individuals

For bank guarantees

Head of Department - Pak Olga Gennadievna

Information Technology Department

For technical support of the Web site, banking technologies and the use of Internet technologies.
On the issues of using the Client-Bank software for legal entities

Head of Department - Panyakin Igor Vladimirovich

Legal department

Control over compliance with the compliance of information posted on the Bank's website

Head of Department - Leshina Margarita Tevievna
Tel .: +7 (495) 363-37-01 (add. 178)
Legal Counsel - Yulia Sabirovna Shakhvaleeva

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