Азия Инвест Банк"Russia-Uzbekistan.
Strategic partnership"

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About the bank

Asia-Invest Bank - the first Uzbek-Russian bank in Russia was established in accordance with an agreement between the governments of Russia and Uzbekistan in 1996. This agreement, called “On the Basic Principles and Paths for Economic Cooperation for 1996-1997”, and was aimed at developing progressive ways to use national capital in the financial and banking sector.

The shareholders of Asia-Invest Bank are as follows: 

  1. The National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  2. State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Asaka” (Joint Stock Company)
  3. The National Export & Import Insurance Company “Uzbekinvest”
  4. "TOSHKENT MEXANIKA ZAVODI" Joint stock Company
  5. "Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat" State Company 


Asia-Invest Bank provides the following services: 

 To corporate clients:   

  • Settlement-cash operations
  • Lending
  • Trade financing
  • Documentary  business
  • Foreign exchange
  • Bank guarantees
  • Control over foreign currency operations
  • Deposits
  • Transactions with Bill


To retail clients:   

  • Settlement-cash operations
  • Money transfers with or without opening an account
  • Foreign exchange
  • American Express travellers cheques
  • Loans


To financial institutions   

  • Foreign exchange
  • Interbank loans and deposits
  • Transactions with Bills
  • Correspondent bank network


Asia-Invest Bank’s mission and philosophy   

  • To maintain high standards of customer service, to protect the interests of each client, investor, and shareholder, and to avoid conflicts of interest when doing business;
  • To strictly abide by the laws, standards of ethics, and rules of fair business;
  • To fulfill its obligations and safeguard its business reputation and the reputations of its shareholders;
  • To develop new fields of business and introduce new banking services, while remaining reasonably conservative in its actions;
  • To avoid “questionable” transactions;
  • To value our employees and to provide working conditions where each of them can fully realize his or her potential.